Surplus Membranes

ZLD Plant Sees Significant Opex Reduction

The same Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) plant described in an earlier project profile, also realized significant operational cost savings by More

Zld Power Plant Project Start Up

ZLD Power Plant Saves Millions With Rental Equipment

A zero liquid discharge (ZLD) power plant in the western United States was experiencing problems with their cold lime softening system More

Mn On Periodic Table

Manganese and Drinking Water Don’t Mix

Manganese is a naturally occurring element frequently found in drinking water. The EPA reports that manganese can be detected in about 70% of More

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Industrial Effluent Recycling Plant in India Saves Thousands

The use of reconditioned RO membrane elements allowed an Indian effluent recycling plant to realize savings of over $300,000 per year. More

Davis Spillway USBR

WaterSurplus Receives Grant from Bureau of Reclamation

WaterSurplus was one of 22 Bureau of Reclamation grant award recipients announced by the USBR to develop more efficient ways to recycle water More

Ion Exchange System

Fabrication Division Completes Ion Exchange System Project

These photos are from the manufacturing of a new industrial water softener system built for a company in Mississippi. It includes machined and welded parts. More


Membrane Buyback Program

Don't throw them out. With our membrane buyback program, we'll pick them up and give them a second life. Then we'll cut you a check. More


Custom RO Membrane Cleaning and Coating

Our state-of-the-art membrane cleaning plant allows us to deliver a customized membrane cleaning service that is cheaper than doing it yourself. More


WaterSurplus to Build Multi-Million Dollar Water Purification Plant

This is a back-to-back turnkey water purification plant project awarded to WaterSurplus by a top-tier beverage company. This deal represents More