National Standard for PFAS in Drinking Water Proposed by United States EPA

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In a long-awaited move, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a proposed national standard for PFAS in drinking water. The standard, if finalized, will address six per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in two different ways. The proposed standard will regulate two chemicals, PFOA and PFOS as individual contaminants at 4 parts per trillion. The other four PFAS chemicals covered by this proposal – PFNA, PFHxS, PFBS, and GenX Chemicals will be regulated as a mixture using a hazard index calculation to determine if the combined levels of these PFAS pose a potential risk.

The EPA’s press release said, “If finalized, the proposed regulation will require public water systems to monitor for these chemicals. It will also require systems to notify the public and reduce PFAS contamination if levels exceed the proposed regulatory standards. EPA anticipates that if fully implemented, the rule will, over time, prevent thousands of deaths and reduce tens of thousands of serious PFAS-attributable illnesses. This action establishes nationwide protection from PFAS pollution for all people, including environmental justice communities.”

Implementation of a national standard for PFAS in drinking water is expected to clear the way for the installation of specialized treatment equipment at affected sites around the country. As demand for this equipment surges, it is expected that delivery time-frames will continue to increase.

WaterSurplus stands ready to help. Our experienced team of PFAS experts designed, built, and installed the first two drinking water PFAS treatment systems in the state of Wisconsin in Rib Mountain and Westin, respectively. We work with engineering firms and local water utilities to identify the optimal short-term temporary PFAS treatment option so that utilities with limited water treatment capacity can continue to deliver healthy clean water while we help develop a permanent treatment solution.

Temporary skidded or trailer-based treatment systems are available for quick deployment. Depending on the water analysis and site-specific details, we offer granular activated carbon, ion exchange, and high-efficiency RO-based PFAS treatment.

Contact us to schedule a PFAS treatment consultation.

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