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As the premier buyer and seller of surplus water treatment process equipment in the world, the industry expects us to maintain the finest inventory of top-quality used and overstock equipment and components. Because of that, we are always on the lookout for used or idle assets to add to our listings.

Old Equipment

Sell Used Industrial Water Treatment Equipment To Us

Our team of investment recovery specialists will help you determine the most advantageous way to turn your surplus water treatment assets into cash. We will provide you with an expert analysis of the value of your equipment, then partner with you to customize a transaction to meet your needs. We can even handle the rigging, freight, and storage of your equipment if you need to free up space in your facility immediately.

Deal with a team that understands the actual value of your specialized equipment. Facility liquidators and auction houses often undervalue water treatment process equipment because they aren’t experts. We’ve specialized in this industry for more than 30 years.


Whether you need to upgrade old equipment, liquidate a plant, or finally move unsold inventory off of your books, make WaterSurplus your first call.

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Add to your company’s sustainability initiatives and stop paying to dispose of your old RO membranes and ion exchange (IX) resin. We started recycling membranes and resin more than 20 years ago when we realized that water treatment facilities were disposing of membranes and resin that still met the specification requirements of more severe applications like industrial wastewater treatment.

Today, our refurbishing plant can test, clean, refurbish, and preserve hundreds of membranes per day. Our resin recharging facility recently completed a significant expansion, dramatically increasing our capacity to recycle resin.

Together with our member organizations, we have prevented thousands of membranes and millions of pounds of resin from going into landfills. Instead, they’ve gone on to treat millions of gallons of water after the end of their initial lifecycle.

Selling Options

  • Direct-sale to WaterSurplus
  • Membrane Buyback Program
  • On-site treaty sale
  • Off-site treaty sale
  • On-site consignment
  • Off-site consignment
  • Equipment trade-in

What We Buy

Our high-demand assets include:

  • Industrial Reverse Osmosis Equipment
  • Industrial Reverse Osmosis Membranes
  • Industrial Ion Exchange Tanks and Resin
  • Industrial Filtration Systems

Other items that we frequently purchase include:

  • Industrial Water softeners
  • Industrial Clarifiers
  • Industrial Filter Presses
  • Industrial UF, MF, and NF Systems

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