Temporary PFAS Treatment

Temporary PFAS Treatment Trailer Drawing

PFAS is a Massive Headache

On one hand, it couldn’t be more urgent: PFAS could pose a health threat to your community, and if your constituents discover that you aren’t moving decisively to address the risk, well, buckle up. Yet the flip side is that in many ways it’s too early to act because regulatory standards and treatment technologies are still evolving.

That means community leaders are caught in a dilemma. Fortunately, it’s a dilemma with a clear solution.

The smartest first step in PFAS treatment is to rent a temporary PFAS treatment solution from WaterSurplus, which enables you to take the health and PR risks off the board right away—while maintaining full capacity. You’ll also turn a PFAS risk into a benefit by demonstrating leadership and concern in the face of a health crisis.

By renting a temporary PFAS treatment system from WaterSurplus, you’re also buying time, so that you’re able to investigate the best long-term approach without being rushed. WaterSurplus can serve as your trusted PFAS treatment partner throughout the process, whether you ultimately settle on one of our permanent PFAS solutions or extend your rental indefinitely. Partner with WaterSurplus and turn your PFAS anxiety into peace of mind.

Temporary PFAS Treatment Solutions

The eventual treatment of groundwater for the removal of PFAS typically starts with a pilot study to determine the most cost-effective PFAS removal process. This pilot, followed by the full-scale design of the selected treatment process and then approval by the state regulator, a bidding process, then finally construction of a new plant can take two years or more.

Our Rapid Response PFAS treatment solutions utilize the very efficient anion exchange resin process until the full-scale plant is designed and built. These relatively small, pre-engineered systems, come skidded or mounted inside of a weatherized trailer for easy installation at your existing facility. Depending on the details of the application and our current inventory, we can often move from initial inquiry through regulator approval, to putting a contaminated well back online within two to three months.

Contact one of our PFAS experts to discuss your unique situation.

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