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WaterSurplus maintains a large and diverse rental fleet of mobile water treatment equipment providing water and wastewater treatment technologies for your emergency, short-term, or long-term applications.

Mobile water treatment solutions can be designed and installed using individual assets or in combination to form complete systems with our trailers, containerized units, or skidded equipment.

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Our rental assets include both mobile and skidded solutions

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Brackish RO Equipment

Seawater Ro

Seawater RO Equipment

Clean In Place

Clean-In-Place Skids

Media Filter

Media Filtration Tanks

Ion Exchange

Ion Exchange Tanks



Lamella Clarifier


Filter Press

Filter Presses

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Design, Build, Own, Operate

With our rental team’s highly available inventory of water and wastewater treatment equipment, we can quickly and affordably design, build, install and maintain a new system, or inherit and optimize your company’s existing on-site water system.

A Build Own Operate contract allows you to focus on investing in your core business while we take responsibility for the operation, optimization, and maintenance of your water treatment system. It also provides equipment and capital efficiency for customers with future expansion requirements.


  • Save time, money and direct labor costs
  • Select optimal water treatment solutions for your plant
  • Utilize our seasoned industry professionals to operate and maintain your plant

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The Water Surplus Philosophy

The recruiting of subject-matter experts to the ranks of WaterSurplus has driven our careful expansion over the decades and remains our key to success in the future. While satisfied customers frequently ask us to help them address ever more complex water treatment needs, we only proceed when we have the human capital in place and ready to go. Our collaborative and innovative business model only works because of the commitment of our team to find or develop optimal solutions to our customer’s needs.

Our Team

Customers tell us that the reason they keep coming back is that we deliver superior value with every project. From innovative treatment solutions to brand-agnostic supply recommendations and investment recovery, our subject-matter experts listen to the needs of our customers, probe for information that will help them make the strongest possible recommendation, and then trust our customers to make the right decision for their needs. With access to the top brands in the world, our own innovative solutions, and the widest selection of top-quality surplus equipment, our customers know that we will help them find the very best solution.


Advancing sustainability has been a core part of our philosophy at WaterSurplus since the beginning. Be that by pushing the boundaries of water recovery in reverse osmosis, developing systems that require significantly fewer antiscalant chemicals, recycling and/or refurbishing equipment, membrane elements, and resin, or licensing catalytic filtration media that require half the footprint of a traditional media system. Our expert team is continually seeking (and finding) value for our stakeholders while pursuing more sustainable processes.