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From unlocking capital for both buyers and sellers by introducing the concept of a surplus marketplace specific to the global water and wastewater industry, to developing and commercializing patented innovations that transform decades of standard practices, WaterSurplus is rooted in innovation, collaboration, and collective intelligence.

ImpactRO & NanoStack OxiPlus Media

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Maximize Membrane Resilience and Recovery

For customers struggling to treat high-fouling waters, our patented NanoStack coating increases membrane life expectancy and mitigates membrane fouling as well as operational downtime and associated expenses. Combined with our patented ImpactRO system, the two technologies increase membrane resilience and resistance when processing hard-to-treat waters.

  • Increases the overall life expectancy of membranes
  • Lengthens the time between offline clean-in-place (CIP) occurrences
  • Improves the recovery of flux after each CIP
  • Decreases antiscalant consumption, water to drain, and energy use
  • Decreases operational expenditures

1. Standard Uncoated Membrane Performance

In high-fouling environments, standard uncoated RO membranes lose flux quickly, require frequent offline CIP’s, and often experience a significant reduction in post-cleaning performance.

Chart1 Uncoated 1

2. NanoStack Coated vs. Uncoated Performance

In those same high-fouling environments, NanoStack coated membranes are shown to be significantly more resistant to fouling and scale, which reduces the frequency of offline CIP’s. Plus, after cleaning, they recover most of their original performance, increasing system up-time and membrane life.

Chart2 Nano Uncoated 1

3. Impact RO + NanoStack vs. Uncoated Performance

The ImpactRO, operating with NanoStack coated membranes produces the best results in high-fouling environments. The combined system maximizes the time between offline CIP’s. When membranes do need to be cleaned, the offline time is significantly reduced, and those coated membranes recover nearly all of their original flux.

Chart3 Nano Impact 1

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NanoStack Membrane Coating

Nanostack Logo

Our patented NanoStack coating is a bio-inspired membrane surface modification for use in industrial applications with notoriously difficult to treat water. The coating is exceptionally hydrophilic, pulling clean water towards the membrane surface and repelling everything else. This creates a protective water barrier between the membrane surface and unwanted foulants. The result is a reduction in foulant adhesion, allowing the normal cross-flow velocity of the feed water to sweep unwanted contaminants more easily to drain.

Challenges of Uncoated Membranes

  • Sensitive to operating conditions
  • Rapid fouling and/or scaling
  • Frequent system shutdowns for Clean-In-Place (CIP)
  • Aggressive cleaning required for significant scale buildup
  • Reduced performance after each subsequent CIP

Benefits of NanoStack Coated Membranes

  • More forgiving of sub-optimal operating conditions
  • Significantly reduced fouling and/or scaling rate
  • Dramatic increase in time between system shutdowns for CIP
  • Easier to clean
  • Greater performance recovery after each subsequent CIP

Chart4 Uncoated Membrane
Chart5 Coated Membrane

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Impact RO

Impact Ro Logo

The patented ImpactRO was developed to elegantly address some of the most vexing problems associated with modern reverse osmosis (RO) technology. Our system can be calibrated to meet your needs as a high efficiency or high recovery RO system. ImpactRO is well suited for the full range of water treatment applications, from bottling to reuse, and everything in between.

Challenges of Standard RO Systems

  • Flux Imbalance in multi-stage systems leads to faster fouling
  • Recycle loop to balance flux leads to scaling and requires higher operating pressure
  • Pressure losses over time lead to greater energy use and higher opex
  • Long downtime for standard single-stage CIP or large capital expense for multistage CIP
  • Near static concentration polarization layer (CP Layer) prone to scaling

Benefits of Impact RO

  • Parallel feed balances flux across stages and reduces fouling
  • No recycle loop, reduces operating pressure and avoids recirculation of foulants
  • Lower operating pressure reduces energy consumption and opex
  • Parallel CIP cleans all three stages at one time, reducing downtime by 67%
  • Intermittent micro-disruptions reduce the formation of CP Layer

Improved Flux Across Stages

ImpactRO improves flux distribution in all three stages of a high-efficiency reverse osmosis unit.

Chart6 Standard Flux
Chart7 Impactro Flux

Variable Recovery

Variable recovery is a temporary disruptive state wherein flow paths, feed, permeate, and concentrate flow rates are engineered to dynamically establish a new ratio of salt concentrations and flow rates leading to hydrodynamic shear forces to disrupt the concentration polarization at the membrane interface, thus reducing fouling and scaling particularly in high recovery applications.

Chart8 Normal
Chart9 Micro Disruption
Chart10 Flush

Impact RO System

ImpactRO is designed to protect and extend the life of the membrane elements while reducing cleaning frequency and chemicals, lowering overall energy usage, and minimizing brine waste to drain.

Chart11 Impactro

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OxiPlus Catalytic Medias

Our OxiPlus line of high flow-rate filter media are cost-competitive, long-lasting, and NSF/ANSI 61 certified, With more than 100 installations, our media offers proven efficiency for a wide variety of applications and industries.

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OxiPlus works great in any media filtration system, but our pre-engineered pressure vessels are designed to optimize system efficiency, ensure ease of operation, and minimize the overall system footprint.

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Very Large Water Processing Tanks
Innovations Chart

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Oxiplus75 Logo

OxiPlus75 is a highly effective NSF/ANSI 61 certified media for the removal of iron, manganese, arsenic, radium, and hydrogen sulfide. This proprietary filter media has proven highly successful in municipal and industrial pretreatment applications where manganese is present in the water. The catalytic properties of OxiPlus75 allow for higher treatment rates than traditional media. The result? A smaller plant footprint with up to a 50% reduction in overall project cost.

Combine OxiPlus75 with our pre-engineered filter units, and you get a highly effective, economical, and operator-friendly filtration system. With our industry-leading filtration knowledge, we can ensure the proper media is being used in your system so you can achieve the results you need at a price you can afford.


  • Fe, Mn, HS, As, and Ra removal
  • Locations with space limitations


  • Higher loading rates
  • Smaller filters
  • Reduced plant footprint
  • Greater cost efficiency

OxiPlus75 Product Details

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Oxiplus12 Logo

Combining industry-leading filtration knowledge with the correct application of OxiPlus12 media, WaterSurplus has created efficient and durable filtration systems that are designed to operate at high loading rates for use in the reduction of total suspended solids, silt density, and iron. A common application of OxiPlus12 filters is the creation of high purity water for industrial use.

OxiPlus12 is a black filter media used for removing soluble iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, arsenic, and radium from groundwater supplies. The manganese dioxide-coated surface of the OxiPlus12 acts as a catalyst in the oxidation-reduction reaction of iron and manganese. The silica sand core of OxiPlus12 allows it to withstand waters that are low in silica, TDS, and hardness without breaking down. OxiPlus12 can also filter out particles down to 10 microns in size. This media has an NSF/ANSI 61 certification for use in treating potable water.


  • Supercharged greensand with 3x the catalytic coating is ideal for economical retrofits
  • Fe, Mn, HS, As, and Ra removal
  • Systems may be designed using either vertical or horizontal pressure filters, as well as gravity filters.


  • More robust and effective at higher operating temperatures
  • Higher differential pressures than the competition
  • Higher MnO2 surface content at 12% minimum vs. 4.5-5% for competitive products
  • Can provide for longer run times between backwashes and a greater margin of safety.

OxiPlus12 Product Details

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Sandplus Logo

SandPlus is a high rate filter media with improved filtration performance when compared to other media. The hardness, stability, uniformity, and microporous character all help the media perform in both water and wastewater applications. While most filtration media filters down to 8-15 micron nominal size, SandPlus can filter down to 3-5 micron particle removal.

SandPlus can be used for industrial applications like cooling tower turbidity removal or pretreatment prior to reverse osmosis systems. It can be used in gravity or pressure filters with lower pressure drops and improved filtration performance. It can also be used in potable and irrigation applications or in stormwater or wastewater reuse applications.


  • SDI, TSS, Fe, & turbidity reduction
  • SandPlus removes particles smaller than 5 microns at loading rates up to 20 gpm/ft2


  • Significantly reduced system footprint
  • Higher particulate removal efficiency down to 3 to 5 micron particles
  • Long media life allowing for economical water treatment operation

SandPlus Product Details

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The Water Surplus Philosophy

The recruiting of subject-matter experts to the ranks of WaterSurplus has driven our careful expansion over the decades and remains our key to success in the future. While satisfied customers frequently ask us to help them address ever more complex water treatment needs, we only proceed when we have the human capital in place and ready to go. Our collaborative and innovative business model only works because of the commitment of our team to find or develop optimal solutions to our customer’s needs.

Our Team

Customers tell us that the reason they keep coming back is that we deliver superior value with every project. From innovative treatment solutions to brand-agnostic supply recommendations and investment recovery, our subject-matter experts listen to the needs of our customers, probe for information that will help them make the strongest possible recommendation, and then trust our customers to make the right decision for their needs. With access to the top brands in the world, our own innovative solutions, and the widest selection of top-quality surplus equipment, our customers know that we will help them find the very best solution.


Advancing sustainability has been a core part of our philosophy at WaterSurplus since the beginning. Be that by pushing the boundaries of water recovery in reverse osmosis, developing systems that require significantly fewer antiscalant chemicals, recycling and/or refurbishing equipment, membrane elements, and resin, or licensing catalytic filtration media that require half the footprint of a traditional media system. Our expert team is continually seeking (and finding) value for our stakeholders while pursuing more sustainable processes.