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Did you know WaterSurplus manufactures and sells new water treatment equipment? From our own line of innovative products and equipment to our industry-trusted OEM partner brands, we carry the new products you need to operate, expand, or overhaul your water treatment facility.

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Impact RO

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Our revolutionary series of reverse osmosis systems are engineered to deliver in ways never before seen in the industry. The patented technology behind these systems allows you to optimize your treatment operation for high recovery or high efficiency depending on your needs. In either case, you’ll realize significantly reduced costs for antiscalant, energy use, and water to drain, ultimately decreasing water footprint. We have full-scale pilot systems available.

  • Balanced Flux
  • Decreased Energy Consumption
  • Increased Permeate Recovery Rate
  • Fewer Chemicals
  • Less Water to Drain
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Nano Stack

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The NanoStack membrane coating is our proprietary hydrophilic coating designed to extend the life of membranes, reduce the time between clean-in-place (CIP) cycles, and improve the recovery of membranes after CIP. Impressive on their own, when NanoStack coated membranes are paired with the ImpactRO, the results are stunning.

  • Increased Membrane Life
  • Reduced Frequency of Offline CIP
  • Reduced Fouling
  • Increased Membrane Resilience
  • Reduced Antiscalant Consumption
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Oxi Plus

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This series of catalytic filtration media significantly reduces the space and resources needed to operate a municipal or industrial water filtration plant. Whether you’re treating iron, manganese, or PFAS we have a solution to help optimize your plant. When paired with our pre-engineered filtration vessels that were designed with your operators in mind, we can significantly reduce the footprint of your plant, allow for a capacity expansion without increasing facility size, and reduce the operating costs of your system, all while improving the quality of water your plant can produce.

  • Higher Loading Rates
  • Smaller Filters
  • Reduced Footprint
  • Increased Cost Efficiency
  • NSF/ANSI 61 Certified
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Partner Brands

WaterSurplus has partnered with leading brands in the water treatment industry. We maintain a large inventory of new equipment, membranes, media, resin, and parts. Our pricing and availability are second to none. Below are some of our partner brands.

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The WaterSurplus Philosophy

The recruiting of subject-matter experts to the ranks of WaterSurplus has driven our careful expansion over the decades and remains our key to success in the future. While satisfied customers frequently ask us to help them address ever more complex water treatment needs, we only proceed when we have the human capital in place and ready to go. Our collaborative and innovative business model only works because of the commitment of our team to find or develop optimal solutions to our customer’s needs.

Our Team

Customers tell us that the reason they keep coming back is that we deliver superior value with every project. From innovative treatment solutions to brand-agnostic supply recommendations and investment recovery, our subject-matter experts listen to the needs of our customers, probe for information that will help them make the strongest possible recommendation, and then trust our customers to make the right decision for their needs. With access to the top brands in the world, our own innovative solutions, and the widest selection of top-quality surplus equipment, our customers know that we will help them find the very best solution.


Advancing sustainability has been a core part of our philosophy at WaterSurplus since the beginning. Be that by pushing the boundaries of water recovery in reverse osmosis, developing systems that require significantly fewer antiscalant chemicals, recycling and/or refurbishing equipment, membrane elements, and resin, or licensing catalytic filtration media that require half the footprint of a traditional media system. Our expert team is continually seeking (and finding) value for our stakeholders while pursuing more sustainable processes.