Water Treatment Solutions

Rooted in decades of experience with industrial customers, WaterSurplus is a major player in developing unique innovations for the complete water, process, and wastewater streams. We serve many industries including Food & Beverage, Municipal, Oil & Gas, Mining, Water Reuse, Industrial Water & Wastewater, and Environmental Services.

Our customer-centric, technology-agnostic approach enables us to deliver sustainable and innovative solutions through collaborative services designed to boost operational performance, enable sustainable management of resources, and align with regulatory standards.

Industry Beverage

Food and Beverage

Food and beverage processing plants look to WaterSurplus for reliable product makeup water and plant wastewater systems. We provide high efficiency and high recovery RO systems with fully integrated pretreatment including activated carbon, ultrafiltration, product storage, ozone generation, ultraviolet components, along with 24/7 plant monitoring and service contracts. Our customer commitment is focused to ensure plant uptime and reliability while focusing on your corporate sustainability goals.

Our Solutions

  • Reliable pretreatment including ultrafiltration and steam sanitizable activated carbon
  • High-efficiency reverse osmosis: single pass and double pass
  • Patented high recovery ImpactRO treating concentrate recovery
  • Microbial management utilizing ozone generation and/or UV sterilization
  • Membrane optimization program including custom CIP systems

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Industry Municipal


Municipalities both large and small need access to reliable equipment addressing emerging groundwater contaminants, aging infrastructures, and ensuring reliable and high-quality drinking water standards are met.

Our Solutions

  • OxiPlus catalytic media for the efficient treatment of Iron, Manganese, and Radium.
  • High-efficiency ImpactRO addressing emerging contaminants, PFA, and high salinity drinking waters.
  • Standard MF, UF, and RO treatment systems providing bacteria and virus-free drinking water

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Industry Oil

Oil and Gas

WaterSurplus services the oil and gas industry by providing equipment for removing solids and salinity from their midstream operations. Produced water is a major concern for oil and gas producers looking to protect their wells, reduce OPEX, protect downstream equipment, and alleviate water-related safety and environmental issues.

Our Water Reuse and Disposal Solutions

  • Oil water separation
  • Dissolved air flotation
  • Lamella clarifiers
  • High efficiency filtration systems
  • Oleophobic UF and RO coated modules and elements with our patented NanoStack coating

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Industry Mining


Rooted in system performance, safety, and reliability, WaterSurplus understands the site-specific requirements of mine operations, which enables us to offer unique and sustainable water treatment solutions. For mining sites, we provide equipment responsible for removing numerous contaminants such as heavy metals, arsenic, suspended solids, organics, iron, manganese, and specific ions. WaterSurplus works with mining companies to establish long term operational sustainability by reducing OPEX and environmental footprints.

Our Solutions

  • Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration, and Reverse Osmosis
  • Permanent custom design membrane solutions for permanent installations
  • Mobile filtration solutions for temporary treatment to achieve discharge requirements

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Industry Reuse

Water Reuse

Maximizing the reusability of water while minimizing operational costs has been a hallmark of our business model since its inception. The benefits of our reuse capabilities save equipment from the landfill, water from the drain, and antiscalants from being used.

Our Solutions

  • RO equipment to maximize rejection, recovery, and/or reuse
  • Boiler and cooling tower blowdown
  • Wastewater recycling
  • Surplus equipment procurement

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Industry Industrial

Industrial Water & Wastewater

We address your hard to treat industrial water and wastewater with our proprietary technologies, ImpactRO and NanoStack, as well as a wide range of filtration, transportation, and biochemical treatment solutions. Industrial users want to get a handle on brine management and wastewater, which is why our innovative solutions apply membrane surface modifications and fouling mitigation solutions to reduce energy, balance flux across RO stages, increase recovery/ brine management, lower antiscalant use, extend membrane life, and reduce cleaning frequency.

Our Solutions

  • NanoStack and ImpactRO
  • UF, NF, and RO filtration
  • Oil & water separation
  • Solids removal
  • Reclamation and recycling
  • Physical, chemical, and biological treatment
  • Ion Exchange

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Industry Environment


Our environmental treatment systems address liquid and semi-liquid hazardous and non-hazardous wastewater. Rooted in sustainability and innovation, our environmental solutions preserve water resources, reclaim interim byproducts, and minimize OPEX.

Our Solutions

  • Mobile filtration units for temporary treatment to achieve discharge requirements
  • UF, NF, and RO filtration
  • Biological treatment

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The WaterSurplus Philosophy

The recruiting of subject-matter experts to the ranks of WaterSurplus has driven our careful expansion over the decades and remains our key to success in the future. While satisfied customers frequently ask us to help them address ever more complex water treatment needs, we only proceed when we have the human capital in place and ready to go. Our collaborative and innovative business model only works because of the commitment of our team to find or develop optimal solutions to our customer’s needs.

Our Team

Customers tell us that the reason they keep coming back is that we deliver superior value with every project. From innovative treatment solutions to brand-agnostic supply recommendations and investment recovery, our subject-matter experts listen to the needs of our customers, probe for information that will help them make the strongest possible recommendation, and then trust our customers to make the right decision for their needs. With access to the top brands in the world, our own innovative solutions, and the widest selection of top-quality surplus equipment, our customers know that we will help them find the very best solution.


Advancing sustainability has been a core part of our philosophy at WaterSurplus since the beginning. Be that by pushing the boundaries of water recovery in reverse osmosis, developing systems that require significantly fewer antiscalant chemicals, recycling and/or refurbishing equipment, membrane elements, and resin, or licensing catalytic filtration media that require half the footprint of a traditional media system. Our expert team is continually seeking (and finding) value for our stakeholders while pursuing more sustainable processes.