Availability Advantage Helps ZwitterCo Deliver Fast

Surplus Division's Availability Advantage Zwitterco


ZwitterCo was awarded a high-profile demonstration project in Southeast Asia and needed full-scale filtration systems to be operational within a couple of weeks. But ordering superfiltration and reverse osmosis systems can still take several months, not including transit time to a job site overseas. They knew who to call. The Surplus Division at WaterSurplus maintains a large inventory of used and surplus water treatment equipment that can be shipped out quickly. We call it our Availability Advantage.

After consulting with our equipment experts, ZwitterCo identified two full-scale pilots from our inventory that together, could get the job done. Given the tight timeline, we invited their team to collaborate with our fulfillment team in Illinois to get the systems wet-tested, custom-crated for international air freight, and deployed for on-time delivery in Vietnam.

“We were thrilled to secure a fast-moving, high-profile demonstration project in Southeast Asia that showcased our membrane capabilities in industrial waste streams. WaterSurplus was instrumental in making this a reality by providing us with the required filtration equipment in an incredibly short timeframe. This, along with their outstanding customer service, made them the clear choice for a partner.”

Christopher Drover, CTO ZwitterCo


At WaterSurplus, we help our customers solve problems. In this case, we were uniquely positioned to help ZwitterCo meet their tight timeline:

  • Our Availability Advantage meant we had affordable equipment in stock and ready to run.
  • Our refurbishment team quickly made the necessary modifications to the equipment.
  • Our operations team fast-tracked an in-house wet test at our headquarters.
  • Our surplus and logistics teams coordinated multiple channel partners for custom air-freight crating (Midwest Packaging and Container, Inc.) and expedited international freight brokerage (BDG International, Inc.).

Project Details




48 GPM


Custom 40 GPM Convertible Pilot RO System
Custom 8 GPM Pilot RO System



Project Lead

Jeff Anderson

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