Reverse Osmosis Elements In Stock

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Elements In Stock

WaterSurplus has thousands of surplus, refurbished, and used reverse osmosis elements in stock and ready to ship. In the current market environment of supply-chain shortages, more operators are considering these types of membrane elements for their industrial RO applications. See our current availability of used seawater elements, brackish 8″x40″ elements, and brackish 4″x40″ elements. Most products include information from our testing such as average rejection rate and flow rate.

Will these membrane elements work for my application?

Surplus, used, and refurbished elements are perfect for industrial water treatment applications such as water reuse, pond dewatering, and effluent treatment. They are also popular when testing new processes and innovations. Our membrane experts will help you determine which membranes are best for your situation. Immediate availability, cost savings, and supporting a circular economy are the leading reasons our repeat customers come back year after year.

What types of reverse osmosis elements are in stock?

The reverse osmosis elements in stock from our Surplus Division generally fall into one of four classifications:

  • Unused – These surplus elements are usually slightly off-specification, and are in their original packaging from the manufacturer. They will work in the most applications and provide the longest service at a significant discount from the price of new elements.
  • Cleaned – These used membranes are inspected, cleaned, tested, preserved, vacuum sealed, and boxed. We select our highest quality used membranes and thoroughly refurbish them, bringing them back to near factory specifications for both rejection and flow.
  • Tested – These used membranes are inspected, tested, preserved, vacuum sealed, and boxed. The largest share of our used membranes fall into this classification. Our membrane experts will help you choose the membranes that strike your balance of lowest-cost to meet your specific needs.
  • Untested – These used membranes are inspected, preserved, vacuum sealed, and boxed. Our lowest-cost membranes are in high demand. Our customers often buy them by the truckload. We inspect them to make sure you get good membranes at the best possible price.

What brands of elements do you carry?

Our inventory changes daily. At the time of this writing, we have elements from manufacturers such as DuPont FilmTec, Hydranautics, Suez Water Technologies & Solutions, and Toray. But, if surplus membranes are not right for your application, our New Division supplies new, name-brand membranes. View our current listings of new membranes here. (As with most distributors of new membrane elements, we are currently experiencing longer than usual lead times for many out-of-stock items.)


Sustainability and innovation are the cornerstones of our company. As one of our first initiatives, we began selling surplus and used membranes nearly 30 years ago. Since then we have developed the capability to refurbish used membranes, extending their useful life even further. One recent Australian study showed that one year of membrane reuse “is more environmentally favourable to landfill disposal, regardless of the transportation distance required.” Today, our Surplus Division buys, refurbishes and resells a wide range of water treatment equipment and supplies including RO membrane elements, ion exchange resin, and water treatment equipment.

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