ZLD Plant Sees Significant Opex Reduction

Surplus Membranes

ZLD Plant Project Summary

The same Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) plant described in an earlier project profile here, also realized significant operational cost savings by using surplus reverse osmosis membrane elements. These used brackish and desalination elements, purchased from WaterSurplus, were utilized to treat the cooling tower blowdown water that had collected because of a faulty cold lime softening system.The membranes, which are available at a variety of rejection and flow rates, are an incredible value, often priced 50-75% lower than new membranes. Surplus RO membranes are perfect for industrial wastewater and reuse applications like this one.

Operational Cost Savings

Potential cost of new reverse osmosis membrane elements: $252,000
Actual cost of surplus reverse osmosis membrane elements: $88,200
Six-month operational cost savings from using surplus membranes: $163,800

Over 50,000 8-inch RO Elements Repurposed

WaterSurplus, the global leader in recycling surplus 8-inch RO membrane elements, has acquired and repurposed over 50,000 surplus RO membrane elements. Historically, membrane elements that no longer perform at their required rejection levels are sent directly to the landfill. However, many of these elements still have enough remaining life to perform at levels suitable for applications including water reuse, low-pressure boiler feed water, and wastewater applications. Advancements in membrane pretreatment, combined with our service team’s unique testing and cleaning process, allow WaterSurplus to purchase, clean, test, repackage, and repurpose these elements at significant cost savings to the user.

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