Ion Exchange Resin In Stock and Ready to Ship

Ion Exchange Resin In Stock and Ready to Ship

Despite supply chain disruptions across the industry, WaterSurplus has thousands of cubic feet of used ion exchange resin in stock and ready to ship. If long lead times for new resin are threatening to shut down your operation, consider our high-quality surplus used resin as an alternative. View our up-to-date inventory here.

Will used resin work for my application?

We source all of our used resin exclusively from ultrapure water applications, which means the resin still maintains considerable useful life for standard applications. Additionally, we hire independent, third-party laboratories to test every lot we acquire. Each listing of resin in our inventory includes an analysis report on its product page. Review the analysis report to ensure the resin will meet your requirements. Contact us to speak with a resin expert today.

What types of ion exchange resin are in stock?

We currently have several lots of anion, cation, and mixed bed resin available for immediate delivery. Our uniform particle size resin is available in lot quantities ranging from 25 to over 700 cubic feet and is packaged in fiber drums or super sacks. Regeneration of the resin is required prior to service. WaterSurplus can provide regeneration service before shipment for an additional cost.

What brands of resin do you carry?

WaterSurplus carries several brands of ion exchange resin. As of this writing, our current list of used ion exchange resin in stock includes Rohm and Haas UP1400 (Cation) and UP4000 (Anion), Evoqua USF NR-30 MEG (Mixed Bed), and Lanxess Lewatit Ultrapure 1294 MD (Mixed Bed). Because our inventory is always changing, feel free to view our up-to-date inventory of used resin here. We are also a distributor of new resin, including brands like Dupont Rohm and Haas, Thermax, Siemens, Dowex, and Hydrolite. View our current listings of new resin here. (As with most distributors of new resin, we are currently experiencing longer than usual lead times for many out-of-stock items.)

What is ion exchange resin used for?

Many water treatment applications utilize ion exchange resin. The most common applications are for polishing (or deionizing) reverse osmosis permeate, water softening, and the removal of metals. More recently, ion exchange has emerged as one of the three primary techniques for removing PFAS or “forever chemicals” from water. Learn more about treatment for PFAS contamination here.

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