OxiPlus75 Pilot on the Shores of the Ohio River

OxiPlus75 Pilot On The Ohio River

Our water filtration experts don’t always get such a beautiful view when operating an OxiPlus75 pilot. But this week, we have one set up on the banks of the mighty Ohio River. Most of the time you’ll find our pilots in a cramped pump house, a sterile water room, or a windy field. Here by the river, an operator might be tempted to bring along a fishing pole, if there wasn’t so much for her to do between samplings. But the really interesting thing is what our proprietary OxiPlus75 catalytic media filtration systems can do for municipal drinking water. Contact us to schedule one of our pilots, and we’ll prove it, wherever you are.

What is OxiPlus75?

OxiPlus75 is a proprietary NSF/ANSI 61 certified catalytic filtration media made of natural pyrolusite. It is used for the efficient removal of iron, manganese, arsenic, hydrogen sulfide, and radium.

Benefits of OxiPlus75

There are several benefits of selecting an OxiPlus75 system.

  • Efficient removal of specific contaminants – OxiPlus75 allows for high loading rates, 6-12 gpm/ft2 versus 3-4 gpm/ft2 for older technology.
  • Reduced installation costs – Our pre-engineered, skid-mounted pressure vessels are factory-piped and wired for economical installation. Plus, these systems do not require potassium permanganate, so they do not use a detention basin. This significantly shrinks the footprint of the system, reducing or eliminating the cost of construction to accommodate a new or retrofit system.
  • High rate, short-duration backwash – This reduces total backwash volumes compared to standard sand-anthracite or greensand applications.
  • Ease of operation – Designed with operators in mind, our OxiPlus75 systems include:
    • A single three-way valve on each vessel, eliminating the need for a dedicated backwash pump
    • Standard stainless steel distribution hub and laterals
    • Dual 12″ x 16″ clam style man-ways for ease of access and long life
    • and 100 PSIG non-code pressure vessels


After completing an OxiPlus75 pilot, many municipalities award their project to WaterSurplus. Our systems are operating in states around the country including these example projects:

Schedule an OxiPlus75 Pilot

You don’t need a well with a view in order to schedule a pilot test. Our team is happy to show you what OxiPlus75 can do, no matter the location. Contact us today to set up a pilot.

More Media Options

Is OxiPlus75 not right for your application? Learn about our full line of innovative media here.

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