Park City, Utah Manganese Removal Project

Park City Oxiplus Filtration System

Project: Manganese removal

Municipality: City of Park City, UT

Park City Rental SkidsEngineer: CH2M

WaterSurplus Contact: Jim Groose, Sr VP Business Development

Problem: The City of Park City designed a treatment plant for treating surface water. The process included granular activated carbon (GAC) followed by ultrafiltration (UF) treatment for 2,200 GPM of water. The city found that the GAC occasionally released manganese which passed through the UF system.

Short-Term Solution: From May to August of 2016, the city rented two (2) quadplex 54” diameter vessel skids and used catalytic media for removing the manganese prior to the UF. This carried them through the summer while they completed a permanent design. One weekend, during a summer festival, the rental system was successfully operated at 2,200 GPM representing a high loading rate of 17.3 GPM/ft2.

Long-Term Solution: CH2M completed a design using four (4) quadplex 48” diameter vessel skids using a catalytic filter media. These systems were designed to operate at 10-14 GPM/ft2 loading rates for 2,100-2,800 GPM of treatment for manganese removal. This system was installed in June of 2017 and has been successfully operating since then. The catalytic media is able to oxidize and precipitate manganese without a potassium permanganate feed or a detention basin with a high surface loading rate, saving material costs, and building space. Learn more about piloting OxiPlus75 here.

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