California Iron and Manganese Removal

California Iron and Manganese Removal

Oxiplus 75Project: California iron and manganese removal

Municipality: City of Willits, CA

Engineer: Waterworks Engineers

Watersurplus Contact: Jim Groose, Sr VP Business Development

Problem: In early 2014, a list of communities affected by the regional drought in California suggested that several communities could be out of water in 90 days. The City of Willits in Mendocino County, California was on that list. In January of 2014, the Willits City Council passed a resolution declaring a Phase V Water Shortage Emergency, which mandated various water use restrictions. The city also requested permission for expedited approval to drill a new well to help alleviate the shortage.

Our Solution: The State of California approved the new well for 700 GPM of well production. Tests of the water indicated high iron and manganese levels with iron greater than 2 ppm and manganese above 0.2 ppm. WaterSurplus was contacted about an expedited install of a groundwater treatment system for iron and manganese removal. A six-54″ diameter vessel system was proposed as two skids of three vessels each using our OxiPlus75 catalytic filter media. Using prechlorination, the iron and manganese were oxidized and removed in the catalytic media, ultimately providing high-quality treated drinking water to the City of Willits, California for years to come. Learn more about piloting OxiPlus75 here.

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