New London, Wisconsin Municipal Iron Removal

Loading The New London System

Project: Municipal iron removal

Municipality: New London Utilities, New London, WI

Engineer: AECOM

WaterSurplus Contact: Jim Groose, Sr VP Business DevelopmentVessel Side Manway

Problem: New London Utilities had a need for more water capacity. Well #3 was previously used sparingly because when it was used, New London Utilities received more complaints about iron in the water. The iron content of the groundwater was exacerbated by the intermittent use of the well. At the New London Utilities Well #3 site, there is a pump house that is not large enough to accommodate traditional municipal iron removal equipment. The assumption was that any iron removal project would also have to include the cost to construct a new building to house the equipment.

Our Solution: Our proprietary catalytic filter media, OxiPlus75 was successfully tested at a loading rate of 9.03 GPM/ft2 which would treat 260 GPM of water with three (3) 42” diameter filter vessels. This new system did not require the large detention basins of a traditional iron removal system and so fit inside the existing well house with some very minor modifications. This allowed New London Utilities to take advantage of the excess capacity of this well on a regular basis without incurring the cost of constructing a new treatment building, saving a considerable amount of capital for the ratepayers in New London. Learn more about piloting OxiPlus75 here.

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