Description: Catalytic Filter Media (115 lbs/cf, sold in 60 pound bags)
Classification: New
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Asset Number: 10012877
Legacy Asset Number: MED4700003N

Details: OxiPlus75 is a natural pyrolusite mineral that consists of about 75% manganese dioxide (MnO2) by weight. It is mined and then crushed to a 20 x 40 mesh. This  NSF-61 certified media is suitable for use in drinking water treatment applications. Typical loading rates are 6-10 gpm/sq ft, with some plants being designed up to 15 gpm/sq ft. OxiPlus75 is particularly useful for removal of iron, manganese, arsenic, hydrogen sulfide, and radium. In order to maintain efficient reaction rates, sodium hypochlorite is typically chosen as the chemical feed to keep the media in its oxidized state. A hydrous manganese oxide (HMO) feed is required in order to remove radium specifically.

Product MED4700003N
Product MED4700003N
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