Village of Milford, Illinois Iron Removal

Milford Oxiplus System Shipping Out

Project: Iron removal

Municipality: Village of Milford, IL

Engineer: Giffin Engineering

New iron removal plant

After OxiPlus75 plant solution

Old iron removal plant

Corroded system before OxiPlus75 plant solution

WaterSurplus Contact: Jim Groose, Sr VP Business Development

ProblemThe Village of Milford, Illinois built its original iron removal filtration system in 1970. Over the next 47 years, the horizontal vessel had required repairs on several occasions. The Village Engineer estimated that replacement of the failing, corroded system would cost close to $2,000,000. 

Our SolutionThe Village of Milford asked WaterSurplus to help coordinate a turnkey retrofit project. With the design by Giffin Engineering, the project included demolition of the existing plant as well as the design and construction of a new catalytic OxiPlus75 plant. WaterSurplus suggested a system with catalytic filter media using a higher surface loading rate to keep the filter equipment size smaller and more economical. Design approval from the IL-EPA was granted after a successful, month-long pilot test. The OxiPlus75 plant was designed at a higher surface loading rate (6.25 GPM/ft2) which allowed the equipment to be smaller and more economical, keeping the turnkey retrofit costs to $525,000. This plant has been in operation since 2018. Learn more about piloting OxiPlus75 here.

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