214 Tons of Ion Exchange Resin Diverted from Landfills in 2020

Surplus Ion Exchange Resin Inventory

In 2020 WaterSurplus recycled nearly 10,000 cubic feet of used ion exchange resin. This quantity of styrene-divinylbenzene resin equates to approximately 427,500 pounds, over 214 tons, that was kept out of landfills last year alone.

“We have been buying and selling used resin for more than 30 years,” said Jeff Anderson, Vice President of the Surplus Division at WaterSurplus. “Over the last three decades, we have developed the sources and capabilities to provide the highest quality used anion, cation, and mixed bed resin at an exceptional value to our customers. At the same time, we’re helping our suppliers to deliver on their commitments to sustainability.”

Most of the recycled ion exchange resin is sold to industrial and commercial end-users domestically, but interest is growing internationally, as well. WaterSurplus’s global reach has helped to build a large network of customers who together saved more than $1.25 million in 2020 by purchasing used resin instead of new. Additionally, the immediate availability of WaterSurplus’s recycled resin allows them to meet the urgent demands of customers struggling with the industry’s shortages and delays. (View our current inventory of used resin.)

The robust secondary market for resin, created by WaterSurplus, has produced significant demand for the resource. This, in turn, has increased the incentive for organizations to recycle their used resin rather than throw it away.

WaterSurplus delivers sustainable water treatment solutions across industries and around the world. This includes engineering and design, custom turn-key equipment solutions, certified NSF/ANSI 61 media filtration systems, a diverse rental fleet, and additional services such as plant optimization and membrane cleaning. WaterSurplus created and still operates the leading global marketplace for buyers and sellers to create value by repurposing surplus water treatment equipment.

Contact one of our investment recovery specialists to learn more about recycling your ion exchange resin or other idle water treatment assets.

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