Custom RO Membrane Cleaning and Coating



Membrane Cleaning

At WaterSurplus, our state-of-the-art reverse osmosis membrane cleaning plant, specialized technicians, and optional patented membrane coating (NanoStack)  allow us to deliver a customized membrane cleaning service that is cheaper and more effective than doing it yourself… or using our competition.

Our expert service team tailors the cleaning variables and chemical concentrations based on the performance details and requirements of your unique RO system. This allows us to maximize foulant removal and optimize membrane performance to suit your needs. We’ll even recommend adjustments and modifications you can make to your system to further extend the service life of your membranes and improve their effectiveness.

After the custom cleaning of your membranes, we can apply our optional NanoStack coating, a bio-inspired hydrophilic coating which is shown to improve rejection rates, increase fouling resistance, and extend the life of RO membranes. Finally, we’ll individually preserve, bag, and box your clean membranes for safe shipping and storage.

Speak with one of our membrane cleaning experts about your system today!


  1. Before Cleaning
    • Gather and analyze system and membrane performance details
    • Inspect membranes for damage and external abnormalities
    • Tailor cleaning variables to maximize foulant removal and optimize the membrane performance
      • Chemical concentrations
      • pH
      • Temperature
      • Duration
  2. During Cleaning
    • State-of-the-art PLC testing and cleaning system
    • 50 RO pressure vessels for rapid individualized cleaning
    • Tailored cleaning formulation for optimal results
    • Specially trained and experienced membrane cleaning technicians
    • Optional application of our patented, bio-inspired hydrophilic coating
  3. After Cleaning
    • Thorough post-cleaning performance testing
    • Analysis of cleaning effectiveness based on pre-cleaning performance
    • All membranes individually preserved, bagged, boxed, and palletized for the return shipment
    • Optional customized packaging including (but not limited to) oxygen barrier bags and sanitization
  4. Post Delivery Reporting
    • Cleaning summary with detailed pre and post-cleaning data
    • Recommendations for process improvements to help reduce cleaning frequency
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