Membrane Buyback Program


Stop Disposing of Your Old Membranes

Instead of filling your dumpster with old membranes or paying to haul them to the landfill, participate in our Membrane Buyback Program. WaterSurplus will pick those membranes up and give them a second life. Then we’ll cut you a check.

Used RO Membrane Elements

Contact your WaterSurplus rep to learn more about the program today!

Here’s Our Operator Friendly Process:

  1. We ship you a supply of compact collapsible crates before your next changeout
  2. You place your used membranes in the crates (no bagging or boxing!)
  3. We send a truck to pick up the crates
  4. You choose whether to receive a check payment or a credit toward your next membrane purchase

Membrane Buyback Program Details

WaterSurplus started the Membrane Buyback Program more than 20 years ago when we realized that water treatment facilities were disposing of membranes that still met the specification requirements of more severe water applications like industrial wastewater treatment.

As the program has expanded, we have increased our scope of acceptable membranes by investing in new capabilities. Today, our membrane refurbishing plant can test, clean, refurbish, and preserve hundreds of membranes per day.

Together with our Member organizations, we have prevented thousands of membranes from going into landfills. Those membranes have gone on to treat millions of gallons of water after the end of their initial lifecycle.

By repurposing those membranes destined for the landfill we have created a sustainable solution to:

  • Reduce the solid waste footprint of water treatment facilities
  • Extend the useful life of those membranes
  • Eliminate and reverse the costs of disposing of membranes for participating facilities
  • Deliver low cost, used membranes to industries with less stringent performance requirements


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