Fabrication Division Completes Ion Exchange System Project

Ion Exchange System

Blueprints in fabrication shop

It has been a busy first summer in our new Fabrication Division, and this ion exchange system has been a great capstone for the season. The initial months following WaterSurplus’s acquisition of the fabrication division of Illinois Water Technologies‘ has at times felt like doing airplane maintenance mid-flight. Work had to continue while the team settled into their new location, optimized the process flow, and acclimated to working within a new company culture. The first jobs coming through the new Fabrication Division have ranged from manufacturing brand new equipment to customizing existing Surplus inventory and adding new assets to our rental fleet. We are already finding that having both engineering AND fabrication in-house allows us to further our company philosophy to utilize expertise to drive greater value and sustainability for our customers.

Ion Exchange System Fabrication

Here are some interesting shots from the manufacturing of a new two-bed ion exchange (IX) system that we built for a company in Mississippi.


This particular project utilized many of our fabrication capabilities. Custom machined parts are essential to the efficient operation of this IX system.

Fabrication team members at work


Our experienced welders produce beautiful work that stands the test of time.

 Final Assembly

Watching the equipment come to life during the final assembly is a gratifying experience. The hours of work that went into the design, engineering, and manufacturing of this equipment is sometimes hidden by the simplicity and beauty of the finished products. But we know from the long-term relationships we’ve built with our customers that the solutions we provide add value, improve the sustainability of operations, and help organizations achieve their goals.

Ion Exchange System Tanks

Valves and components on ion exchange system

Ion Exchange System detail

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