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TriSep offers a broad array of spiral wound membrane products. With one of the broadest selections of of RO, NF, UF, and MF membrane chemistries, TriSep can deliver a product for your specific requirement. In addition, TriSep offers several construction varieties including sanitary Turboclean, high pressure, high temperature, and different thickness feed spacers. Elements can be custom engineered to meet specific application requirements. TriSep also manufactures a broad line of direct replacement elements for system retrofits. View Competitive Replacement Guide.

TriSep is the first membrane manufacturer in the world to develop its own line of spiral wound membrane support chemicals. Until now, RO system users could not be sure if their membrane elements, antiscalants, cleaners, and other support chemicals were compatible. Both product lines are normally proprietary and developed and manufactured by different companies. Recognizing this critical fact, TriSep’s put it’s experienced R&D team to work developing a complete chemical line for membrane separation elements. Their expertise in the chemistry of membranes and now with the chemicals has allowed TriSep to develop a chemical product line 100% compatible with current membrane technologies.