Dileep Agnihotri, PhD

Dileep Agnihotri

Dr. Dileep Agnihotri is an expert in a multitude of water related technologies such as water-chemistry, membrane-based ultrafiltration or reverse-osmosis, high-recovery and high-efficiency beverage water-rooms and produced water treatment. At WaterSurplus, Dr. Agnihotri serves multiple team leader roles including application and process engineering, beverage division operations, technology innovations, research, and product development.

Prior to WaterSurplus, Dileep founded Advanced Hydro, Inc. where he developed and commercialized a novel membrane technology and integrated turn-key UF/RO systems wastewater treatment in the oil and gas industry and on/off-shore seawater desalination. He has also served as a member of the Board of Directors for Thermo Energy, LLC and a principal at 21 Ventures, LLC, providing capital for technology ventures. He also spent time as a Director at Jordan Valley Semiconductors Inc., where he managed technology and applications development along with strategic and technical product marketing. Dr. Agnihotri holds a PhD in Nuclear Chemistry and a MS in Physical Chemistry from the University of Rochester, NY. He also earned a MS degree in Physics (Electronics major) from Agra University. He is widely published with 30+ papers, 1000+ citations, and 12+ pending or issued worldwide patents.