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Capabilities & Services


Watersurplus will work directly with your plant engineering, environmental engineers and operations team to provide a comprehensive review of your water and chemical usage.

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Pilot Plants

A Watersurplus pilot plant is a small chemical processing system designed to generate information about the operation of the system to be used in engineering and designing a larger facility.

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Equipment and material recycling is at the core of Watersurplus. The 3 Rs of reduce, reuse, and recycle classify the waste management strategies according to their desirability.

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Service & Start Up

Watersurplus is dedicated to providing quality service, being cost competitive and increasing customer value. Our service organization allows us to be more flexible and responsive to your needs.

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Build-own-operate contracts save you time, money and direct labor by selecting the best water treatment solutions and professionals to operate your plant.

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Investment Recovery

Watersurplus' Investment Recovery Program can help you recover cash on your excess and used water treatment equipment. Our investment recovery services range from inventory liquidation and waste material recyclng to complete on or off-site auctions.

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