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Capabilities & Services

Service & Start Up

WaterSurplus and our regional partners provide the following start-up and commissioning services.
  • New equipment commissioning
  • System performance and optimization
  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane and Media analysis and replacement
  • Equipment trouble shooting and repair
  • Site specific operator training
Keeping your plant up and running is our focus and we utilize a large pool of marketplace resources as well as our own large inventory of spare parts, membranes and media allowing us to respond quickly to any of your emergency start up or repair requirements.

Reverse Osmosis Start-Up

After your equipment purchase or system retrofit has been completed, WaterSurplus provides a team of process experts to assist with system installation and start-up. Our factory and field project team is available to assist in bringing your new or rebuilt system on-line.

Our rebuilt and ready-to-run reverse osmosis units go through a thorough 10 point check list and a full load run test at our hydro test facility. This full run test includes any necessary process or program and instrumentation adjustments prior to shipment allowing us to insure a quick and easy installation at start-up. Additionally, we invite you to see the test run in person at our facility. We can also train your operators at our site before we ship the system.

Once on site, we will provide your operators with the necessary on-site monitoring through several production cycles detailing all the process adjustments necessary to ensure the system's product water quality is what you expect. Our training and certification program ensures that the technician arriving on-site is qualified and proficient in servicing these systems.

On-site Start Up

We will provide your operators with the necessary on-site training and monitoring through several production cycles. All process adjustments necessary will be made to ensure your system's product water quality will meet performance expectations. Our training and certification program ensures that the technician arriving on-site is qualified and proficient in servicing the systems at your site.

Membrane Change Out & Buy Back

Our turnkey membrane element buy back program is flexible and comprehensive. WaterSurplus offers you a comprehensive membrane element replacement program. The program is designed to help you select and install new reverse osmosis elements, while providing you with an optional trade-in credit for each element that we take back for testing at our recycle center.

WaterSurplus supplies new replacement membrane elements and has relationships with all major membrane manufacturers. For our customer's convenience, we inventory GE, Filmtec, Hydranautics, TriSep and Torray membrane elements at our Rockford, Illinois warehouse. This enables us to meet short lead times, and thereby minimize system downtime.

WaterSurplus is committed to ensuring your membrane system continues to perform efficiently by maintaining a large inventory of replacement elements, antiscalant chemicals, interconnectors and end adaptors, along with hard-to-find head assemblies including the Hydro clam head and clamshell assembly. We maintain an inventory of these critical components at our Midwest distribution center so we can respond to your need quickly and efficiently. In emergency situations we can often ship these items within 24 hours of order receipt. Our skilled technicians can directly perform the change out of your membranes, or we can coordinate with your staff to guide them in the replacement of any under-performing elements.

Additionally, we can include future support services such as on-site/off-site membrane element cleaning, analytical testing, system optimization analysis and preventative maintenance contracts. Contact us to discuss how we can lower your new membrane replacement cost, and save you valuable time with our turnkey membrane element buy back program.