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Material Recycling

Equipment and material recycling is at the core of WaterSurplus. The 3 Rs of reduce, reuse, and recycle classify the waste management strategies according to their desirability.

WaterSurplus has worked with many Fortune 100 companies principally in the area of reuse by providing investment recovery services that incorporate waste minimization and pollution prevention services. Our range of services includes investment recovery efforts for idle plant assets to a comprehensive source reduction of surplus and waste products through reutilization into secondary applications. We also recycle out of specification and used ion exchange resin along with used and out of specification reverse osmosis membrane elements from the original manufacturer. Working closely with end users, and municipal water treatment facilities, has allowed us to save hundreds of tons of waste through careful reconditioning and testing of ion exchange resin and reverse osmosis membrane elements, as well as entire water treatment plants.

In addition to material recycling, WaterSurplus frequently uses surplus components that are unused in their original box to repair or redesign existing out of service reverse osmosis systems. Our engineers work to redesign idle reverse osmosis systems that are rebuilt and tested in our rebuilt and ready-to-run program. Currently, we have over thirty rebuilt and tested reverse osmosis systems in stock and ready to be shipped to your site.

Water Reuse

Reclaimed water, sometimes called recycled water, is former industrial wastewater that has been treated to remove solids and certain impurities. This water is then used in other plant process applications, or in sustainable landscaping and irrigation. This is typically done for sustainability and water conservation, rather than discharging the treated wastewater to surface waters such as rivers and oceans.

Harvesting of storm water, or rainwater, can be an extremely simple to comparatively complex. It may also be as energy and chemical intensive, as compared to the recovery of more contaminated industrial waste water. WaterSurplus can provide a Total Water Plant Optimization study that will uncover your possible sources for water reuse.

Our process engineers have extensive experience with Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis Systems. These systems may be used to treat combinations of storm water or plant water that may contain oil and dissolved solids greater than water quality requirements for reuse in a plant process. Additionally, we have a large number of pilot plant systems that can be arranged to pre-qualify and engineer the most economical process plant for your unique water reuse application.

Contact us to discuss how you can reduce your corporate water footprint and find unique solutions to recycle and conserve precious water resources.