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Pilot Plants

A WaterSurplus pilot plant is a small chemical processing system designed to generate information about the operation of the system to be used in engineering and designing a larger facility. Also, they are substantially less expensive to build than full-scale plants. By implementing a pilot study your company does not invest as much capital on a project that may be inefficient or unfeasible.

Engineers and designers use data from our pilot plants to refine their design of the final production scale facility. Further, design changes can be made more inexpensively at the pilot scale and any kinks in the process can be worked out before a large plant is constructed. In particular, membrane systems can be unpredictable, so a pilot study can save time and money regarding the overall system cost and enhance membrane optimization and life.

In many cases, our clients can choose equipment from our ASAP rental fleet to prove a process for a shorter term study. WaterSurplus can help you design and operate your pilot system. We can also provide you with all the engineering and design criteria required to make an informed decision regarding the most effective technology for your water or water reuse project.