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Total Water Plant Optimization Service

WaterSurplus will work directly with your plant engineering, environmental engineers and operations team to provide a comprehensive review of your water and chemical usage. Proper operation, monitoring and maintenance of your water treatment systems are critical for maximum return on your equipment investment. Our consulting service will create a custom road map for reducing your overall water footprint, while increasing your operational efficiency.

Our Total Water Plant Optimization Service delivers a comprehensive list of planning and recommendations for achieving some, or all, of the following objectives;
  • Reduction in overall water usage
  • Optimization in chemical usage
  • Reduction in power consumption
  • Reduction in O&M
  • Extended equipment life
  • Efficient operation
  • Equipment evaluation and troubleshooting before a problem occurs
  • Minimized downtime
  • Improved direct manpower usage
We achieve these results through a process of completing a historical plant water usage and water mass balance study. The next step is a comprehensive review of the process flow and operations in order to study chemical and utilities usage. Upon completion of the water study, we thoroughly review all operations looking to optimize water, chemical, utilities and human resources.

We invite you to contact us and discuss your plant operation, and review a sample report of our consulting work that we have provided for other clients. We hope you will choose us as your trusted partner in optimizing your water treatment plant and meeting your corporate initiative in water reduction, reuse and savings.

Water Reuse

Reclaimed water, sometimes called recycled water, is former industrial wastewater that has been treated to remove solids and certain impurities, and then used in other plant process applications, or sustainable landscaping and irrigation. This is typically done for sustainability and water conservation, rather than discharging the treated wastewater to surface waters such as rivers and oceans.

Harvesting of storm water or rainwater can be an extremely simple to comparatively complex. It may also be as energy and chemical intensive, as compared to the recovery of more contaminated industrial waste water. WaterSurplus can provide a Total Water Plant Optimization study that will uncover your possible sources for water reuse.

Our process engineers have extensive experience with Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis Systems. These systems may be used to treat combinations of storm water or plant water that may contain oil and dissolved solids that are greater than water quality requirements for reuse in a plant process. Additionally, we have a large number of pilot plant systems that can be arranged to pre-qualify and engineer the most economical process plant for your unique water reuse application.

Contact us to begin discussion on how you can reduce your corporate water footprint and find unique solutions to recycle and conserve our precious water resource.