Seasoft 8040 HR - 1233954

Description: 8x40 NF Element for Sulfate and Hardness Removal from Seawater
Classification: New
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Price: $1,110.00 Each
Asset Number: 10012991
Legacy Asset Number: MEM2840009N

Details: NF Applications for Seawater
NF has the unique ability to selectively reject ions:
Rejection of anions with more than one negative charge
Rejection of cations depending on shape and size
Rejection of organic if molecular weight is >200- 300 Daltons
At least 80% of water hardness is removed with low operating pressure and high flux.

Seasoft* HR/HF Elements
Fouling-Resistance Seasoft elements prevent:
Scale formation by removal of hardness and sulfates
Fouling by removal of turbidity and bacteria on down stream equipment.

Seasoft* HR for Applications Requiring
High Hardness Rejection 95%+
High Sulfate Rejection 99%+
Sodium Chloride Rejection 20-30% Seasoft*


Permeate Flow GPD 7,800

Average Salt Rejection 98%

Membrane Type (TFC, Brackish, Sea Water) Thin Film Memebrane

Recommended Operating Temperature 122 F Max

Feedwater pH Range 2.0-11.0

Maximum Recommended Pressure (PSI) 600 PSIG Max

Technical Documents:

Product MEM2840009N
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