Integrated Sustainability

Description: Produced Water Treatment System - Entire Lot
Classification: Not Used - Surplus
Quantity: 1 Each
Price: $1,077,984.00 Each
Asset Number: 10026792


This Integrated Sustainability equipment is being sold as an entire lot and all offers will be considered. List price is for the lot. This produced water plant consists of two pump skids (three pumps per skid) equipped with 40Hp Goulds 3196 Mti pumps, explosion proof chemical feed containers with Prominent pumps, 40 Hp Teco Westinghouse VFDs, Horner HMIs, and 134 skotchkote-lined 1000 BBL carbon steal skim tanks and 500 BBL carbon steal buffer, clarified water, slurry, and filtrate tanks. Please see attached documents for additional information on equipment drawings, components, ancillary items, and pricing for each.

Pump skid 1 dimensions: 19' L x 13'-8" W x 11'-4" H

Pump skid 2 dimensions: 19' L x 13'-8" W x 11'-4" H

Chemical Feed Container dimensions: 40' L x 8'-6" W x 10' H

Skim Tank dimensions: 15'-6" OD x 30' H

Buffer Tank dimensions: 12' OD x 25' H

Clarified Water Tank dimensions: 12' OD x 25' H

Slurry Tank dimensions: 12' OD x 25' H

Filtrate Tank dimensions 12' OD x 25' H

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