Watersurplus Innovations
Collaborative innovation has been a hallmark of the WaterSurplus business model for more than 30 years. From unlocking capital for both buyers and sellers by introducing the concept of a surplus equipment marketplace, to developing patented innovations that transform decades old standard practices. We identify areas of opportunity, apply engineering rigor, tap strategic relationships, and tenaciously challenge the status quo in order to advance the cause of sustainable water treatment. Watch this space to learn about our latest innovations.
30 years of innovations

The Membrane Opportunity:

RO membrane recycling has long been a core focus of our surplus division. For most RO operators, membrane replacement is the largest RO operating expense. Our used membranes provide significant savings, but to add even more value for our customers, we began researching ways to mitigate fouling and improve post-cleaning resilience

30 years of innovations

Patented Hydrophilic Coating:

Our research brought us to Professor Benny Freeman at the University of Texas at Austin who developed using polydopamine as a hydrophilic conformal coating on Ultra-Filtration membranes for Produced water. Our initial research found that the technology was transferrable across different types of membranes including Micro-, Ultra-, Nano-, and RO elements. We then secured an exclusive world-wide license to develop the coating for all membrane types.

Membrane Surface Detail

Contact Angle

Fouling Resistance

Fouling Resilience

Speak with our Design Engineering Team about the benefits of our Hydrophilic Coating in your system.


Design Engineernig Team

John Barelli

Dileep Agnihotri, PhD
Chief Technology Officer

The RO Opportunity:

As we observed the performance improvements of the coated media in our tests we realized that we could modify the traditional RO design and develop a unique system that could leverage the benefits of the new coating. Our new goal became to design an RO system that protects or even extends the life of the RO elements, while reducing cleaning frequency and chemicals, energy consumption, and concentrate to waste.

Patented WaterPlus RO:

Tasked with modernizing the existing RO design paradigm, our team of engineers and researchers developed several alterations that would create improved operation and reduce fouling. These modifications leveraged the attributes of the improved surface chemistry of the membrane with active micro-disruptions of the concentration polarization cake layer. Further reducing fouling during normal operation. We have accomplished this in several innovative ways. The most notable include:

Balanced Flux Across Stages

Variable Recovery


Balanced Flux Across Stages

Continued Production During 3rd Stage Isolation & Maintenance

Getting Started:

We understand that the capital expenditure cycle of RO system owners is relatively long and fixed. Therefore, we have developed a stage-gate process to accommodate the OPEX and CAPEX requirements of every organization. This also allows for a pilot period wherein our technology can be tested in any specific application with minimal initial cost.

Our application engineers are scheduling pilot programs now. Contact us to discuss the details of your water treatment program.

  1. Our membrane experts audit and optimize all phases of your current reverse osmosis operations and membrane cleaning.
  2. Pilot our coated membranes with a 5 gpm side stream pilot or in an existing RO.
  3. If required implement a design retrofit to the existing RO in order to provide several benefits of a new WaterPlus RO with a smaller expenditure. This will significantly reduce operating costs and membrane cleaning and disposal costs.
4. Lastly, when required we will produce a custom engineered WaterPlus RO System. Each system is engineered specifically to enhance the performance of our coated membranes. The RO is designed to protect and extend the life of the elements, while reducing cleaning frequency and chemicals, lowering overall energy usage and minimize your brine waste to drain. With a significantly lower cost of ownership than standard RO units, the WaterPlus RO will deliver high quality water while achieving high recoveries and providing accelerated returns on your capital investment.