Watersurplus Mission

Watersurplus is a full service solution provider for all of your water treatment equipment needs. Much of our large inventory of new, remanufactured and rental reverse osmosis systems and components are available and ready to ship immediately.

Watersurplus offers a range of capabilities that include consultation, recycling, pilot plants, service & start-up, testing, build-own-operate, warehousing & logistics and export marketing. Our expertise and market-based partners, along with our vast, ready-to-ship inventory is what makes Watersurplus your unique solution provider. We are proud to be your trusted supply chain solution and rental equipment resource.

New Products

We distribute hundreds of new water treatment products from our current stock of new inventory items — from filters and membranes to complete reverse osmosis systems. Our stock offers you next day availability. That means you can address your water process issue with the quickest delivery, allowing you to minimize any plant down time.

Rental Fleet

Watersurplus understands your water requirements are often urgent. We are stocked to accommodate most any reverse osmosis application. Watersurplus has mobile reverse osmosis rental units in stock ranging from a 5 gpm pilot plant, up to a fleet of 300 gpm mobile RO trailers. We also stock a variety of filtration and wastewater rental equipment. Watersurplus can provide you with cost-savings advantages, and our rental assets are immediately available for on-site mobilization.

Surplus Assets

Watersurplus has thousands of used and remanufactured assets at the best price to fulfill your project requirement and equipment needs, while saving you capital. We stock complete systems such as reverse osmosis units, ion exchange systems, media filtration equipment, wastewater treatment equipment and components like surplus reverse osmosis membranes, reverse osmosis housings, filter housings, pumps and instrumentation. Watersurplus has the remanufactured solutions for any of your water or wastewater process equipment applications.

Investment Recovery

Whether you require an immediate sale or a consignment arrangement, the Watersurplus investment recovery team can help you recover cash on your idle or surplus assets. Our global investment recovery services range from inventory liquidation to complete on or off-site auctions. We continue to create global demand through successful sales to over 60 countries.

Visit us online today at www.watersurplus.com or call us toll free 800.919.0888.