Watersurplus - Surplus Assets - Used water treatment equipment

Complete Systems and All Necessary Components

Watersurplus specializes in helping you find the right product at the best price to fulfill your projects water treatment equipment or media and membrane element requirements. We stock high value surplus, used and remanufactured water purification systems and components; from complete remanufactured reverse osmosis plants, cleaned and tested reverse osmosis membrane elements, media, bag and cartridge filtration housings, ion exchange units, reverse osmosis pressure vessels, pumps, and the full range of treatment media to help you operate and maintain your plant.

Watersurplus has a large stock of equipment solutions rebuilt and ready to be quickly installed and started up for all of your process water or wastewater equipment applications. We can deliver cost-effective reliable reverse osmosis systems that have been through our rebuilt & ready-to-run 10 point check list and come with a full warranty.