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Asset:   UVE3320071
Manufacturer:   Aquafine
Model:   CSL-16R / 60
Description:   Ultraviolet Sterilizer
Quantity:   2
Condition:   Used - Surplus
Price:   $4,858.00 ea
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Aquafine CSL-16R/60 ultraviolet sterilizer. Unit has approximate flow rate of 332 GPM fresh water or 400 GPM of RO/DI water. Inlet and outlet are 4-inch flange. Features include lamp displays, UV meters and run-time display. Unit requires 118V, 60 Hz and draws 13A.

Used lamps and sleeves may ship with this unit. New lamps and sleeves are available for purchase.

Technical Documents:

Aquafine UV Sterilizer CSL Series Spec Sheet.pdf

Flow Rate GPM:332 GPM fresh water, 400 GPM RO/DI water
Number of Lamps:16
Vessel Material:316L
Design Pressure:120 psig
Inlet Outlet Connections:4-inch flange
Electrical KW/ Amp:118V, 60Hz, 13A