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Asset:   UVE3320070
Manufacturer:   Aquafine
Model:   RBE-12R/60 H.P.
Description:   Ultraviolet Sterilizer
Quantity:   3
Condition:   Used - Surplus
Price:   $4,885.00 ea
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Aquafine RBE-12R/60 ultraviolet sterilizer. Unit has approximate flow rate of 260 GPM fresh water or 315 GPM of RO/DI water. Inlet and outlets are 4-inch flange. Features include remote electrical cabinet, lamp displays, UV meters, high temperature shutdown light and run-time display. Unit requires 118V, 60 Hz and draws 9.5A. Light traps are included with this unit.

Used lamps and sleeves may ship with this unit. New lamps and sleeves are available for purchase.

Technical Documents:


Flow Rate GPM:260 GPM fresh water, 315 GPM RO/DI water
Number of Lamps:12
Vessel Material:316L
Design Pressure:120 psig
Inlet Outlet Connections:4-inch flange
Electrical KW/ Amp:118V, 60Hz, 9.50A