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Asset:   UFE3290039C
Manufacturer:   Veolia
Model:   Custom
Description:   0.5 - 1.0 MGD Cross Flow UF System with Norit X-Flow 38CRH-XLT (COMPACT 33) Tubular Membranes
Quantity:   1
Condition:   Used - Surplus
Price:   $450,000.00 ea
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0.5-1.0MGD Cross Flow UF System with 36 38CRH-XLT (now known as model COMPACT 33) tubular UF membranes. Pore size: 30nm or 0.03um. Each module has total surface area of 355 sq. ft. (33m2). System filtration surface area: 12780 sq. ft. Membrane flux performance: 35-117 GFD (60-200 LMH), depending on TSS load. Maximum TSS loading: 15g/L. This system can be used for many applications including low TSS surface water treatment, wastewater, produced water, MBR, pretreatment before RO, primary and secondary wastewater filtration, etc. The Compact 33 is a tubular 5.2 mm ultrafiltration membrane very well suited for the separation of biological sludge or any other high solids application in which high effluent quality is required. Separating at 0.03 micron, this membrane filter allows only water and dissolved matter to pass, rejecting everything that is undissolved. The construction of the Compact 33 allows for backflushing from filtration side to feed side, a cleaning process applied in various heavy-duty operations. This system does not come with a control package. A controls package can be added for an additional cost, call for details.

Technical Documents:

UFE3290039C System and Pump Infomattion
X-Flow Compact 33 Product Brochure
X-Flow Compact 33 Ultrafiltration Membrane Element Datasheet