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RO Housings - 8 Inch

Asset:   ROH3080245
Manufacturer:   Wave Cyber
Model:   Wave-450P-8-3S4S-F-3-WH
Description:   8" 450 PSI, 3M Vessel
Quantity:   10
Condition:   Not Used - Surplus
Price:   $565.00 ea
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Wave Cyber model Wave-450P-8-3S4S-F-3-WH housings with side ports. These 8-inch, 3-long vessels are rated at 450 psi. Grooved 2-inch side ports are located at positions 3 and 4. These housings are unused surplus.

Material of Construction: FRP
Pressure Rating (PSI): 450 PSI (31.5 BAR)
Vessel Length: 3M
Feed Concentrate Port Size/Configuration: 2-inch, Side Port