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RO Process Equipment - Brackish RO Units

Asset:   ROE3100367
Manufacturer:   Marlo
Model:   MRO-288K-8H
Description:   400 GPM Brackish Reverse Osmosis System
Quantity:   1
Condition:   Used - Surplus
Price:   $220,000.00 ea
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This 400 GPM system consists of two (2) Marlo MRO-288K-8H reverse osmosis units that are controlled and set up to run in parallel or the system can be run as a 200 GPM system with redundancy.  One unit contains the main controls which consists of an Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1400 PLC, PanelView 800 HMI and ethernet switch, the other unit contains I/O plus an Allen Bradley PanelView 800 HMI. Each unit also includes an integrated CIP pump and Pulsafeeder anti scalanant and SBS chemical pumps mounted on top of 50 gallon holding tanks.This system has been wet tested and is in ready-to-run condition.  Each unit requires 48 membranes.  The original O&M manual is available. Dimensions of each skid is 274"L x 64"D x 84"H.

System Flow Rate (Permeate GPM):400
Pressure Vessel Diameter, Length, Pressure Rating and Material:8", 6M, 300 PSI, FRP
System Array:Each unit is a 5:3 array
Pump & Motor Specifications:Two (2) Grundfos CRN 64-5-2 316 SS Vertical Multi-stage pumps, 267 GPM at 540 ft. head with 460V, 60 HZ, 3 PH 60 HP motor
PLC/Controller/Instrumentation:Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1400, PanelView 800 HMI, Ethernet Switch
Cleaning Skid:N/A