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Asset:   ROE3100359C
Manufacturer:   GE Osmonics
Model:   OSMO-PRO-450-PRE
Description:   PRO Premium Series Rated at 450 GPM
Quantity:   3
Condition:   Used - Surplus
Price:   $155,880.00 ea
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GE Osmonics PRO Premium series RO unit equipped with SLC 5/04 PLC and Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus 700 HMI. There are no motor starters on these units. Reconditioning services, available at an additional cost, include: wet testing, upgrading the PLC and installing variable frequency motor drives.

Technical Documents:


System Flow Rate (Permeate GPM):450
Pressure Vessel Diameter, Length, Pressure Rating and Material:8", 6M, 450 PSI, Stainless
System Array:9:6:3
Pump & Motor Specifications:Two Tonkaflo AS40409KTE pumps rated at 400 GPM at 248 PSI.