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Asset:   ROE3100310C
Manufacturer:   Mee Industries
Model:   Custom
Description:   30-50 GPM Double Pass RO/EDI Skid
Quantity:   4
Condition:   Not Used - Open Package
Price:   Call 800.919.0888 for pricing
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The system includes: Six Protec PRO-8-450-SP housings arranged in a 2:1:1 first pass and 1:1 second pass array, controls consist of AB Compact Logix with a 12" Maple Systems HMI, Grundfos CRNE 20-17 pump with Grundfos integrated VFD, 25 HP motor, 480 V, 60 Hz, 3 Ph power requirements, one IonPure VNX 50-3 CEDI module rated for a nominal flow of 75 GPM at 100 PSI, one Hurricane 304SS cartridge filter, ORP, pressure gauges, flow meters, conductivity sensors, tank level sensor, air pressure regulator, sodium hydroxide and bicarbonate injection chemical dosing, 316SS centrifugal CIP pump, HDPE polyethylene CIP tank. Additional specifications: Inlet pipe size: 3" ANSI flange RF 304 SS, Concentrate pipe size: 2" ANSI Flange RF 304 SS, Permeate pipe size: 2" ANSI RF Flange 304 SS, Chemical drain pipe: 1" ANSI RF Flange 304 SS, Inlet low pressure piping, high pressure piping and permeate piping: 304 SS Sch 40, EDI connection piping inlet/outlet: PVC Sch 80. Dimensions are 18'7"L x 6'11"W x 6'11"H.

System Flow Rate (Permeate GPM):30-50 GPM
Pressure Vessel Diameter, Length, Pressure Rating and Material:8", 4M, 450 PSI, FRP Housings
System Array:2:1:1 First Pass, 1:1 Second Pass
Pump & Motor Specifications:Grundfos CRNE 20-17, 25 HP
PLC/Controller/Instrumentation:Allen Bradley Compact Logix PLC, with Maple 12" touch screen color HMI display
Cleaning Skid:Included on the RO skid