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Pumps - Horizontal Multi-Stage

Asset:   PUM3020191C
Manufacturer:   Tonkaflo
Model:   SS24012KE
Description:   Horizontal Multi-Stage Pump
Quantity:   12
Condition:   Not Used - Surplus
Price:   $3,000.00 ea
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See technical document below.

These pumps were manufactured in 2001 and 2002.

Question: "What is the difference between the KE and the KZE?"

Answer: "The KE bearing frames had a slightly different bearing frame shaft that used a slinger ring for lubrication in the bearing frame. GE stopped using that type of bearing frame shaft several years back, and switched to the KZE style bearing frames. If an old KE bearing frame requires a new shaft, it would be best to just replace the whole bearing frame altogether to the KZE frame. From a dimensional and performance standpoint, there’s no difference."

Technical Documents:


Rated Flow (GPM):190 GPM at 373 PSI.
Discharge Size (Inches):3" Victaulic
Suction Size (Inches):4" Victaulic
Number of Stages:12
Motor Size (Hp):No motor