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Ion Exchange Equipment - Brine Maker

Asset:   IXE4960001C
Manufacturer:   Belding Tank Technologies
Model:   C-CFV-8-5661
Description:   Brine-Tek Brine Maker
Quantity:   1
Condition:   Not Used - Surplus
Price:   $31,000.00 ea
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Brine-Tek Model C-CFV-8-5661 brine maker with closed dome top, vertical sidewall, flat bottom and chop-hoop filament wound FRP tank. Size: 96" Nominal inside diameter x 180" straight side x 196" approximate overall height.

Capacity: 5,661 nominal U.S. gallons. 23 tons usable dry salt storage. Material: premium grade isophthalic polyester resin throughout. Veil: single glass veil required in the corrosion barrier. Catalyst: Co/MEKP catalyst system required for service. Exterior: Clear exterior resin coat with U.V. inhibitor required. Support: tank rests on fully supported flat bottom. Tank to be installed per B.T.T Handling & Installation Instructions. Lugs: Standard heavy powder coated carbon steel lifting lugs and (4) heavy powder coated carbon steel hold down lugs.

Manholes: (1) 24" Diameter top manhole with 50 lb. weighted double hinged cover, complete with handle & shipping bolt only. (1) 24" Diameter side manhole with cover plate, complete with stainless steel bolts, nuts, washers & EPDM gasket.

Fittings: (1) 1-1/4" F.N.P.T. coupling. - Water Fill. (1) 2" Double flanged nozzle with external conical gusset. - Brine Outlet. (1) 3" M.N.P.T. nipple (6" LONG). - Bindicator Yo Yo. (1) 6" Flanged nozzle with conical gusset. - Salt Fill. (1) 8" I.P.S. Gooseneck vent, complete with PVC coupling, rubber boot connector, PVC pipe, polyester dust bag & SS hose clamps.

Accessories: (2) Gooseneck vent pipe support brackets. (1) Brine Plenum Assembly, complete with FRP plenum, (2) plenum mount lugs, (1) Lot of 6", Sch-40 PVC brine pull off pipes and (1) 2", Sch-80 PVC discharge pipe (flanged both ends) with S.S. bolts, nuts, washers & EPDM gasket. (1) Water Spray Ring Assembly, complete with 1-1/4"Ø polyethylene pipe with plugs and (12) FRP internal pipe support brackets Note: BTT to pre-drill 3/16"Ø holes on 12" centers. (1) Two piece 4" IPS T-304 SS salt fill pipe with 180° radiused top with 6" flanged end at tank and 4" flanged end at down pipe plus down pipe with 4" flanged end and threaded end with camlok & dust cap at bottom plus 3/4" NPT nipple water injection port, complete with SS bolts, nuts, washers & EPDM gaskets.(3) Fill pipe support brackets (1/2" T. x Suit W. x 4" H. w/ 4" Stand-off) w/ Adjustable pipe clamp with washers & nuts. (1) 2" Polyfoam insulation with FRP overwrap and Gray (AT071) exterior gel coat over sidewall & top head and Heat Maintenance Unit, complete with (3) 500 watt, 120 volt heat panels with NEMA 4X control box with thermostats to maintain 40° F. product temperature at -10° F. ambient temperature. (1) 3" side-bottom OR siphon flanged nozzle with (1) plate OR conical gusset - Clean out. (1) 3" Blind flange, complete with stainless steel bolts, nuts, washers & EPDM gasket. (1)T-304 Stainless Steel lifting and hold down lugs - INSULATED TANK. (3) Pair of FRP ladder mount brackets ONLY. (1) FRP ladder assembly, complete with (3) Pair of FRP ladder mount brackets. (1) FRP safety cage assembly. (Add to Option N). (1) BRINE-TEK Liquid Level control unit. (1) BINDICATOR GP 4 Digital Display Yo-Yo with stainless steel weight - Solids Indicator.

Please see technical documents below.

Technical Documents:

Brine-Tek Handling & Installation Instructions/Operation & Maintenance Manual
Brine-Tek Liquid Level Controller Installation Instructions