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Asset:   IXE2760058C
Manufacturer:   Unknown
Model:   Custom
Description:   Duplex Softener System
Quantity:   1
Condition:   Not Used - Surplus
Price:   $13,500.00 ea
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Duplex softener system including a 2500 pound brine tank.  This system is unassembled.  Resin is not included.

Diameter X Straight Side:42 x 72
Tank Materials of Construction:Fiberglass
Type of Lining Material:ABS
Type of Support:Tripod base
Influent & Effluent Size, Material and Connection Type:6" flange connections top and bottom.
Cubic Feet of Resin Total Kilograins of Capacity:30 c.f. per vessel
Valve Size and Type:3900 control valves