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Ion Exchange Equipment - Softeners

Asset:   IXE2760048
Manufacturer:   Ionics
Model:   48 x 105
Description:   48 x 105 Softener
Quantity:   4
Condition:   Used - Surplus
Price:   $11,650.00 ea
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ASME Section VIII code stamped 48" x 105" carbon steel rubber lined softener with an Otegron Industrial Automation control box with solenoids, a Thornton 200 flow monitor, stainless steel air tubing, PVC top distribution and PVC bottom distribution with strainer baskets. Maximum allowable pressure is 125 PSI @ 150 F. Two of the tanks were manufactured in 2004 and two were manufactured in 2005. The tanks also include lifting lugs on the top shell. The overall shipping dimensions are 155" H x 69" L x 48" W.

Diameter X Straight Side:48" x 105"
Tank Materials of Construction:Carbon steel
Type of Lining Material:Rubber lined
Type of Support:4" angle iron legs with 6" x 6" pads
Influent & Effluent Size, Material and Connection Type:4" pad flange reduced to 3" piping
Regenerant Inlet Connection Size and Type:2" flange with 2" automatic butterfly valve
Sight Window Quantity & Size:One 3" x 16"
Manway Size and Location:20.5" with hinge on top shell
Cubic Feet of Resin Total Kilograins of Capacity:Approximately 70 c.f.
Valve Size and Type:Five 3" Actair 6 air actuated butterfly valves and one 2" Actair 6 air actuated butterfly valve
:1.5" drain outlet with ball valve. 1" vent line.