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Asset:   IXE2760046
Manufacturer:   US Filter
Model:   AWS-04896-010507111519
Description:   Duplex Softener System
Quantity:   1
Condition:   Used - Surplus
Price:   $23,650.00 ea
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Duplex softtener system consisting of two 48x96 carbon steel tanks; tanks are not mounted on a common skid. Currently equipped with schedule 80 pvc piping and a US Filter Series 962 controller. System has been stored outside so it may require some piping repair or replacement.

Diameter X Straight Side:48 x 96
Tank Materials of Construction:Carbon Steel
Type of Lining Material:Plasite
Type of Support:I-Beam
Influent & Effluent Size, Material and Connection Type:3 Inch Pad Flange
Regenerant Inlet Connection Size and Type:1.25 Inch
Sight Window Quantity & Size:N/A
Manway Size and Location:11x16 Top Dome
Cubic Feet of Resin Total Kilograins of Capacity:Approximately 60 CF Per Vessel
Valve Size and Type:3 Inch Butterfly, 1.25 Inch Ball, Air Actuated