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Ion Exchange Equipment - Softeners

Asset:   IXE2760039
Manufacturer:   GE
Model:   42 x 48 Softener
Description:   Educted Brine Softener, 42 x 48
Quantity:   2
Condition:   Not Used - Surplus
Price:   $7,300.00 ea
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42 x 48, 100 psi brine softener with Aquamatic valves. Unit is constructed of a Quick-Tanks vessel, 3" PVC face piping, eductor and Aquamatic valves. Piping has 3" flanged inlet and oulet. Top distribution is a 3"Schedule 80 PVC side inlet header with 90 elbow and stubbed open riser pipe. The Bottom distribution is 3" Schedule 80 PVC side inlet header with 90 elbow and PVC hub radial with eight angeld 1-1/4" PVC slotted laterals along the bottom of dish head. Internal lining appears to be white epoxy.

Softener has no instrumentation.

There is one 12 x 16 manway at the lower side sheet, and 3" flange at top dome. Unit is unused surplus. Shipping dimensions: 58" L x 60" W x 75" H.