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Ion Exchange Equipment - Mixed Bed Vessel

Asset:   IXE2720040
Manufacturer:   Unknown
Model:   Unknown
Description:   42" x 96" Mixed Bed Vessel
Quantity:   2
Condition:   Used - Surplus
Price:   $17,500.00 ea
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Shipping dimensions: 62"L x 50"W x 134"H

Diameter X Straight Side:42" x 96"
Materials of Construction:Carbon steel
Lining Material and Painting Specification:Rubber lined
Influent & Effluent Size and Connection Type:3" flange influent and 1.5" flange vent on top shell, 4" flange effluent on bottom shell
Regenerant Inlet Connection Size and Type:2" flange regenerant inlet, 2.5" flange regenerant outlet
Sight Window Quantity & Size:Three (3) 3" x 12" rectangular sight windows
Manway Size and Location:24" round manway at top of side sheet