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Asset:   INT2480005
Manufacturer:   Hach
Model:   APA 6000
Description:   Hardness Analyzer
Quantity:   1
Condition:   Used - Surplus
Price:   $1,888.00 ea
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Hach APA 600 Low-Range Hardness Analyzer continuously measures up to two sample streams for low levels (50 µg/L to 10mg/L) of soluble hardness. Accuracy is better than ±5% of reading or ±50 µg/L , whichever is greater. User interface is menu-driven with on-screen prompting. Please refer to attached document for additional specifications.

Power requirements: 95-240V, 50/60 Hz.. Unit is mounted on a stand and measures 24"L x 25"W x 54"H. 

Technical Documents: