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Asset:   HEA1100017
Manufacturer:   Mueller Accu-Therm
Model:   AT80 B-20
Description:   62 Plate Heat Exchanger
Quantity:   1
Condition:   Used - Surplus
Price:   $4,888.00 ea
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Mueller AT80 plate and frame heat exchanger rated at 2758 cfm of steam on the hot side and 981 gpm of water on the cold side. There are 62 plates with a total surface area of 542 square feet. Unit is used in excellent condition. NOTE: Serial # 205473-2, Part # 9816400, Manufactured in 1997. Gasket material for this unit is EPDM.

Technical Documents:


Plate Surface Area (Sq.Ft):542.3
Total Number of Plates:62
Plate Type:80M V
Frame type:B-20 Carbon Steel
Water Flow Rate (GPM):Hot Side Steam- 2758.7 CFM Cold Side- 981 GPM
Single or Multipass:Single Pass